Helping Medical Education operate better

Revolutionizing the advancement of medical knowledge

iseek Medical is revolutionizing how medical school faculty, administrators, students and clinicians find, analyze and interact with their data. It aggregates data from disparate sources, seamlessly linking Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) as well as proprietary and public medical databases. By linking unique concepts within those sources, iseek helps you to make meaningful connections to advance medical knowledge and expertise. Whether you are a student using iseek for scholarly research or an administrator analyzing curriculum and performance data for accreditation reporting purposes, iseek Medical can do it all.

iseek’s Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding capabilities help you to know better

iseek utilizes Medical Intelligent Agents™ which elucidate patterns to show relationships between data and datasources, add meaning to raw data artifacts and dynamically bring information together to answer your most complex questions. First, the Natural Language Understanding technology within the iseek Medical platform enables the Intelligent Agent to understand the meaning behind the queries you submit. Then iseek leverages advanced linguistic algorithms and Artificial Intelligence mechanisms to precisely target the most useful and meaningful results. Once those results are returned, iseek uses iViews™ to interpret and organize them so that the user can instantly see and interact with a range of topics and medical subjects, making new connections that enhance knowledge. Best of all, iseek eliminates the time-consuming process of sifting through reams of irrelevant information. By returning the most accurate, evidenced-based resources, iseek Medical is the best-in-class tool for medical knowledge management.

iseek Medical integrates with these authoritative medical resources:

  • Medical Subject Headings (MeSH)
  • PubMed
  • National Institute of Health
  • Cochrane Library
  • American Medical Association
  • Journal of the American Medical Association
  • Center for Disease Control
  • Food and Drug Administration
  • US Preventative Services Task Force

Used by Some of the Leading Medical Schools in the US and Canada Including:

Penn Medicine

Duke Medicine

University of Michigan

University of Michigan

University of Michigan

Give students the ability to know better — faster

iseek Medical empowers medical students by allowing them to find the right information when they need it. It also makes logical connections to additional authoritative resources and other approved content for deeper research that promotes student subject-matter expertise. iseek also integrates with leading lecture capture software to allow research to be combined with real-time learning and review. Students can literally save hundreds of hours in study-time by pinpointing the exact point in a lecture slide or video where a topic is being discussed along with being precisely pointed to additional relevant and authoritative resources on the topic being studied or researched.

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Let faculty and administrators know better too

iseek Medical helps faculty teach more effectively by dynamically revealing what topics are covered in slide decks, handouts and video lectures as well as providing references to authoritative resources to share with students. Administrators are able to report on important information for LCME accreditation as well as monitoring the curriculum so that teaching is fully aligned with the subject-matter needing to be taught. Faculty and Administrators can get immediate answers to questions such as:

  • How much content do we have?
  • What classes/faculty also touched a particular topic?
  • What objectives do we teach?
  • What objectives are taught in medical school years 1 through 4?
  • Which exams cover what objectives?
  • Have we covered translational medicine?
  • How are students performing across each objective?
  • What courses have content not yet aligned to any objectives?
  • What exams are not yet aligned to any objective?

With iseek Medical you can create a wide range of analyses, reports and evaluations based on real-time and historical data.

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How iseek Advances Medical Education

  • Enhances medical expertise by unifying important curricular information in a way that drives learning and curriculum delivery and reform
  • Empowers users to find and prove how and where topics are being taught with confidence through the application of Natural Language Understanding and Artificial Intelligence
  • Delivers curricular and authoritative public or subscription based resources all in one platform as a comprehensive discovery and presentation/reporting tool
  • Enables faculty to teach more effectively through transparency of topic coverage across presentations, handouts and lecture recordings
  • Simplifies information discovery by allowing users to discover curated information all in one place quickly and efficiently
  • Supports administrators for LCME Accreditation review and reporting activities