What if you could go to a source that would let you access all your actionable sales and financial data, giving you the knowledge to manage sales processes in a way personalized for you with no programming required? What if this source had built-in data views that could drill down or move between different pieces of information, merely with a few clicks? And what if this source could query real or near real-time data across different systems, displaying them side-by-side for superior data visualization and discovery into how different metrics interrelate  for unparalleled “what if” analysis capabilities? That source is here today with iseek Sales Analytics, a cognitive cloud tool that utilizes patented Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding technology to better consume & unify your data across disparate sources. iseek sits on top of your existing IT infrastructure enpowering Executives, CFOs, Sales Managers or Business Owners to:

  • Avoid laborious, time-consuming spreadsheet analysis fraught with processing errors & static results
  • Obtain data from places your CRM can’t go for better sales forecasting
  • Create personalized dashboards & reports with no programming required
  • Manage from one place with filters and actionable links to real-time data
  • Blend demographic or industry data from the cloud with your sales data
  • Automate sales team activities & workflow along every step of the sales process to better manage selling time to your requirements

Close more business with the knowledge to act

Understanding sales performance helps determine what adjustments you need to make today. With iseek Sales Analytics custom dashboards and reporting can be developed at every level, from executives who manage to operational efficiency and sales results to managers whose priority is the efficiency of their own teams. From lead management to pipeline quality or forecasting to revenue trending, iseek Sales Analytics can help you keep an eye on key real-time indicators & sales metrics along every step of the sales process.

With iseek you can create personalized dashboards & reports

Ready to iseek your sales & financial data?

Stop waiting weeks for your IT infrastructure to generate reams of static reports. To learn how to get to the actionable data you need with the knowledge to act:

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