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Connecting K-12 spending with student performance outcomes so educational leaders Know Better

Every day education systems across the country are challenged to do more with less. In an era of growing costs and limited or zero-growth budgets the expectation for improved student outcomes remains. Based upon foundational research done by Georgetown University’s Edunomics Lab, smartspend for Education advances educational knowledge by connecting K-12 spending data with student performance in order to discover how to best allocate resources for smarter student outcomes. smartspend uses Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding technology to deliver the tool that educational leaders need to put research into action for the benefit of all students.

Smarter allocations = Smarter students

Understanding the connection between spending and performance data allows education leaders to use resource allocation to drive productivity gains in student outcomes. smartspend helps principals, district leaders, school operators, and funders see links between spending and outcomes across schools, districts, cities, and states including the ability to:

  • Visualize spend vs. performance across schools, portfolios or districts
  • Drill down to discover how high-performers allocate vs. low-performers
  • Identify and make connections to cause and effect relationships impacting student performance
  • Identify opportunities to invest for maximum-impact aligning spend with priorities

Who benefits from smartspend?

  • Students realize the greater investment in programs and tools that work
  • Schools & Communities can benchmark their progress with peers
  • Principals can find better solutions they can implement within their budget
  • Superintendents & Districts can maximize capital allocation to priorities
  • Educational Leaders can offer evidence of successful spending on novel solutions

“It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best!”
-W. Edwards Demming

Bring visibility to spending

With weak or cumbersome connections between financial data systems and student achievement data, district and school leaders cannot easily compare spending with outcomes data. Let smartspend bring new insight into spending information allowing you to align spending priorities with the ultimate priority:

Student Success!

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