Cognitive computing infrastructure that revolutionizes knowledge
development for better decision making with Big Data

iseek solves BIG DATA better, faster and at less cost

Welcome to iseek, a cognitive computing infrastructure that consumes and unifies data, content and information (of any media type) in order to develop knowledge for better decision-making.

What makes iseek so different from other analytics, content management or business intelligence solution alternatives is that it is cognitive. iseek follows the human thought process, intelligently understanding and interpreting both structured and unstructured data. It continuously identifies and connects patterns in data and information in real-time in order to develop new knowledge with the most up-to-date information.

But also unique to iseek is that it does not require extensive upfront Meta tagging of data which saves significant implementation time and money. Backed by 42 Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language Understanding patents, iseek revolutionizes how business, publishing, medical, non-profit, education or government organizations can find the right knowledge to make better decisions from Big Data fast and at far less cost.

iseek at a glance...

Natural Language Understanding

iseek utilizes patented advanced linguistic algorithms that can interpret not only language content but context, which is critical as most data needing to be understood is unstructured

Heuristic Reasoning

iseek can rapidly parse and pattern match disparate data based upon experience or “rule of thumb” increasing the probability of finding the right answers

Adaptive Workflow

iseek’s cognitive machine learning generates pathways or decision-making progression points unique to an individual’s style or approach to thinking

Context Sensitive Decision Support

Using over 15 parsing & 1,500 algorithms/linguistic technologies for meaning, iseek goes beyond keyword search by dynamically grouping results for easy visualization of data insights

Let iseek


your Dataverse

iseek starts by consuming data, content and information of any media type. Unlike traditional computing systems, iseek can handle both structured and unstructured data because it has patented Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding linguistic and grammatic algorithms that not only interpret language content but more importantly determine probable context or meaning. iseek then unifies these disparate data sources making logical connections to related concepts. With continual usage, these connections create a cumulative “networking effect” as iseek learns the data and discovers patterns or answers in your dataverse that previously were not known.

iseek Intelligent Agents help you to know better

Intelligent Agents are the mechanism that iseek uses to make the logical connections that will transform your data and accelerate the discovery of new knowledge and insights. They work within a specified context of your domain to organize the conceptual relationships that harness your data. During this process, Intelligent Agents also create a cognitive index that evolves or learns based on constant update and usage across the Intelligent Agent Network; giving you the benefit of information discovery, analysis, prediction and actionable insights learned from millions of queries across industries. Examples of iseek Intelligent Agents in practice include:

  • Medical students getting to the most highly ranked resource right away for more effective study and deeper research
  • School administrators being able to prove accreditation compliance at the push of a button
  • Publishers finding new levels of content efficacy to cut costs from duplication and develop new revenue producing products
  • The world’s largest software companies imbedding iseek NLU in their own products that are used billions of times daily

iseek also uses iViews to organize and group your data so that you can quickly identify relevant connections within your results. iseek’s dynamic iView dashboard and user-friendly reporting interface also makes interacting with your data easy. Choosing an iView of interest enables a user to drill down to get at the most relevant answer while the intuitive interface gives you access to your most important data.

Put iseek know-how to work today at significantly less cost…

With iseek you can be operational with actionable decision support within a matter of weeks, not years as there is no need for extensive upfront Meta tagging of data which also saves you money. iseek works as an “overlay” to your existing data architecture or systems, enhancing it so that you can:

Go beyond analytics, business intelligence or content management systems with cognitive computing power
Discover knowledge and manage information like never before for better decision-making
Advance research by bridging knowledge gaps in order to develop new insight and expertise in your domain
Bring together data spread across multiple systems, locations and formats to surface the right answers right now
Place subject-matter expertise into stakeholders hands with ad hoc analytics that requires no IT intervention