4 NCLEX Teaching Strategies For Nursing Students Who Work Full Time


    While many nursing students go on to graduate and pass the NCLEX, a disconcerting number fail to make it through school. If your student body is struggling, you may question: Are we using the right teaching strategies for our nursing students?

    Teaching nursing is not like teaching other subjects. Nursing students often deal with outside pressures that impact their ability to concentrate in school. For example, many work full-time jobs to support themselves or their families.

    For some schools, a new approach is needed. Read on to learn four strategies for helping your working students stay in school and pass the NCLEX.

    1. Keep Track Of Topics That Have Been Covered

    Enabling nursing students who work full-time to study more efficiently is key to their success. That means covering each topic once and making sure students understand it the first time.

    If your faculty misses a topic, students will be unprepared when it shows up on the NCLEX. However, covering a topic more than once can be just as damaging.

    Students who work have much less time to study. If they're busy completing assigned work on a topic they already studied before, they have less time to study other areas that will be important on the NCLEX.

    2. Leverage Your Best Available Academic Resources

    Although working students have jobs, they may have difficulty paying for extra study guides or books other than what their instructors assign. You can help them gain access to critical academic resources by making your content discoverable through advanced search.

    3. Intervene With Students Who Are Struggling

    Job demands often weigh more importantly than coursework for students who support themselves or a family. Some students will fall behind in their nursing education. There's still hope if you can catch these students before they drop out.

    Make sure you identify struggling students as early as possible so you can set them back on the path to success.

    Offer tutoring services, study guides, remedial classes, or whatever you can to help them graduate and pass the NCLEX. Becoming a nurse can drastically improve a student's career. Your goal is to help them achieve their goal.

    4. Help Students Find Study Material Faster

    It can be frustrating for working students when they can't find a specific spot in a lecture or academic resource while studying for the NCLEX. They waste valuable time sifting through materials when they could be memorizing concepts and information.

    By implementing an advanced search platform that enhances the discoverability of your content repository, students can easily identify what they need to study.

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