How To Improve Student Performance With More Efficient Learning


    Helping your students perform better benefits your school in a number of ways. Student engagement on campus rises. You foster an ideal culture of learning. And most importantly, you attract enthusiastic new students year after year.

    But improving student performance doesn't always mean assigning extra homework or testing more rigorously. Learn how you can elevate performance with more efficient learning.

    Put Student Learning Intervention Strategies In Place

    Some students will struggle when they transition from high school to higher education. College-level work is demanding and requires students to be more independent. Your school should have measures in place to ensure students willing to work for their degree will graduate.

    A student learning intervention can take many forms. You may help students to pick a new major, sign up for remedial courses, or work with a tutor. Make sure you individualize remediation plans for each student's needs.

    Eliminate Redundant Teaching

    Each course topic should be taught well once. After students learn about a topic and are tested on it, they don't need to learn it again in another class. Teaching the same topic twice reduces the amount of time students have to master other areas of a subject.

    Identify Curriculum Gaps

    At the same time, you want to make sure every topic is covered during a student's four years at school. You can use an AI data platform to identify curriculum gaps. This will not only help your students learn all required material, but ensure that your school passes accreditation.

    Enhance The Discoverability Of Your Content

    Another way to make learning more efficient is to help students find their study materials faster. An AI-powered content repository with advanced search capabilities can reduce the amount of time your students spend searching for specific points in lectures, articles, and other educational material.

    Improving your graduation rate does not always mean making your students, faculty, and staff work harder. Instead, they should work smarter. With the right tools, strategies, and mindset, your school can enable efficient learning that leaves time for students' personal as well as academic growth. To learn more, visit

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