A better way to discover, build and engage with content

Introducing iseek Publisher, a more strategic way for publishers to discover, build and engage readers with content. iseek delivers the power to transform publishing because of its patented Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding technology — so advanced that it can consume and unify both structured and unstructured data, information and content of any media type without any costly, time-consuming upfront Meta tagging. iseek Publisher’s technology also interprets content meaning or context so that connections can be made to all related content in order for it to be found by your readers. Its intelligent analytics also suggest how content can be unbundled so that readers can engage and interact with it in new ways. Finally, iseek Publisher is also the infrastructure powering Adaptera, our new adaptive learning environment that has all the tools publishers need to use content to build advanced, interactive personalized learning environments that will engage any student, anytime, anywhere.

The total decision support that publishers need to compete better

iseek Publisher also fills in the gaps for total decision support, providing the analytics needed to help publishers compete better in order to:

  • Prove the value of current products to protect sales & revenue
  • Easily calculate more accurate royalty payments
  • Unbundle content so customers will buy more of it
  • Identify content redundancies to avoid re-creating content
  • Validate content efficacy identifying and filling-in gaps
  • Introduce new & innovative revenue streams
  • Evaluate new channels and discover new ways to sell content
  • Prove your products are best aligned to curriculum standards
  • Identify keywords so that more of your content can be found online
  • Protect content property rights & negotiate better distribution terms

Not only will managing to these issues help publishers survive — it will also help in the discovery of new product revenue streams that will cause publishers to thrive.

Already used by some of the smartest educational & test publishers

  • McCann
  • Vantage Learning
  • natgeo
  • myaccess
  • act
  • ascentify
  • GMAT
  • Cicero
  • Penn Medicine
  • Duke Medicine

See how iseek aligned Cicero Publishing’s content

Transform your content & the learning experience

If publishers are to transform their content, it is critical to understand its effectiveness. When you iseek your content, you will be able to find answers to such questions as:

    • What are our best sellers and why?
    • How does our content align by grade level or subject?
    • How does our content perform vs. the competition?
    • Are the students that use our content getting smarter?
    • Who is buying and using our content?
    • Do we need more content and if so, where?
    • Which text books are used the most/least?
    • What is our ROI by title?
    • Which of our promotions work the best?
    • How does our content align to common core for accreditation purposes?

With iseek you can see how content is aligned for accreditation purposes

With iseek you can see how content is aligned for accreditation purposes

But the possibilities for your content are just beginning…

When you combine iseek Publisher with Adaptera our new adaptive learning environment, publishers will gain access to a broad set of adaptive assessment, content and psychometric tools such as content gamification that will transform your content and allow you to build advanced adaptive learning environments that prescribe learning delivered to a learners’ specification and need.

iseek Publisher gives you access to Adaptera tools like content gamification